Polish residency in Elche – Spain

Creative residency – a schechuled action of „Mysteries & Drolls” project took place from 2nd – 7th of February 2018 in Elche, Spain.
Invited by artists involved in Asociación Cultural Maracaibo Teatro (Cristina Maciá i Juan Carlos García), polish artists – Angelika Chirowska and Marek Stecko – visited an extraordinary place on historical map of Europe.

The residency was a great opportunity for artistic exchange both on experience and creative field. The idea of this contribution was to broaden the cultural context of ongoing production carried out by Spanish group that adapts the auto-sacramental drama „El gran teatro del mundo” by Calderon de la Barca. Polish artists tried to establish a reference point between different – yet complementary – cultures of both nations predicated on initial decisions regarding the performance and during on-site discourse about the play’s structure. In this manner the time of residency was creative, inspiring thought provoking period of social and theatrical contamination that enabled both groups to broaden their artistic endavours.



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